The Shame Of New York County Prosecuting Attorneys Gregory Sheindlin (T.V. Judge Judy’s Son) And John Brancato

Welcome. If you hate corruption in State Government, then the information herein is a must read, and to be immediately spread to others on social media, as the Proven Prosecutorial Misconduct revealed herein is outrageous, which the Courts have allowed to stand. This conduct must be stopped. The scales of justice must be restored, which Gov. Cuomo has attempted to do as shown herein.

Provided for your viewing, exposing this Proven outrageous Prosecutorial Misconduct, is Dominic M. Franza’s proposed Criminal Procedure Law §440.10 motion, and the Exhibits in Support, including the Crime Scene Photos. Such prove “Gregory Sheindlin and John Brancato” intentionally and knowingly used false evidence and false testimonies to gain the conviction of Dominic M. Franza. Dominic M. Franza has had to litigate pro-se as no lawyer has stepped up to the plate to represent Dominic M. Franza.

It should be noted, with respect to the Exhibits in Support, the N. Y. County D.A.’s office admitted in Federal Court such were their discovery materials. And, as to the other evidence presented by Dominic M. Franza such evidence was not disproved. What better evidence to prove corruption.

For those who are not familiar with the legal term “Discovery,” discovery materials are documents that a prosecutor turns over to a defense lawyer, in order to prepare his defense. In Dominic M. Franza’s case, the defense lawyer, after receiving the discovery material from Sheindlin and Brancato, did not use any of it to reveal the fraudulent nature of their case against Dominic M. Franza. It’s called collusion.

A Synopsis of what your will read and see is as follows: Dominic M. Franza was convicted and is presently incarcerated for conduct – purportedly sending a phoney floral delivery man to murder his Mother-In-Law, Mrs. Josephine Mendez, and his Wife, Myra Franza. As well, having another man prepare and mail a pipe bomb to Puerto Rico, in an attempt to kill Mrs. Mendez’s Mother, Mrs. Franza’s Grandmother. There was no “Direct Evidence” linking Dominic M. Franza to the crimes. The case was “completely circumstantial.” Dominic M. Franza took “Polygraph Examinations” which showed he had no involvement, which Sheindlin and Brancato knew about.

The False Testimonies Presented At Trial Are As Follows:
A sole floral delivery man shooting· Mrs. Mendez and Mrs. Franza at the rear of the apartment. Mrs. Mendez being shot five times at a distance, with one bullet still in her chest. Mrs. Mendez, while being shot, in a gallant effort attempting to protect Mrs. Franza by engaging in a tug of war match with her Daughter over the bathroom door in order to prevent her from getting shot. After the shooting’s Mrs. Franza clearing her Mother’ s breathing passage of blood and dentures, blood gushing out of her chest, telling her don’t die, don’t leave me. Mrs. Franza calling 911 then returning back to her Mother whose eyes were white. Mrs. Franza thereafter crawling to the front of the apartment, where she was claimed to have been found bleeding profusely, as Mrs. Franza stated herself. Mrs. Franza claiming at the Hospital nine Doctors were trying to bring her Mother back to life, telling her come on you can do it. All very graphic.

The Crime Scene Unit arriving shortly after the shooting’s, recovering two bullets only, a floral box with a red ribbon, and a floral delivery note which was claimed to have been used as a ruse to gain entry into the apartment. Such floral delivery note was claimed, by a document examiner, to have been written by Dominic M. Franza thereby connecting him to the shooter.

Also, the Crime Scene Unit taking 20 photos of the apartment, of which various photos were attested to as reflecting the state of the apartment the day of the shooting’ s. Revealing, the area where the shooting’s allegedly occurred at the rear of the apartment, and where Mrs. Franza was found at the front of the apartment. Also, revealing the two bullets, floral box with the red ribbon, and the floral delivery note.

Proven Evidence Of Prosecutorial Misconduct
The above testimonies and evidence recovered were complete fabrications, as various documents from the N. Y. County D.A.’ s office, Federal Government, Puerto Rico P.D., Crime Victim Board, and the Certified Medical records of Mrs. Mendez and Mrs. Franza, unquestionably prove:

  • Mrs. Mendez was pushed into the apartment by two men, not one, and shot at the front of the apartment, not the rear of the apartment. One of the two men who knocked on Mrs. Mendez’s door the day before the shooting’s claiming to be Detectives, showing badges, being one of the men present during the shooting’s. This is a fact.
  • The Certified Medical Records of Mrs. Mendez prove, Mrs. Mendez sustained well in excess of five gunshot wounds, and that all of her gunshot wounds were through & through, when she claimed she still had a bullet in her chest. And, Mrs. Franza’s Certified Medical Records prove she sustained one gunshot wound, which was through & through as well. This is a fact. But the testimonies and crime scene photos reflect only two bullets as being recovered at the rear of the apartment, a physical impossibility as the Medical records prove. Further, the claimed shooting’s occurred in a 10′ by 7′ area, with no ballistic damage or blood splatter anywhere as the crime scene photos prove, a physical impossibility as all the gunshot wounds sustained where through & through.
  • The Medical records further prove, Mrs. Mendez was, at all times from arrival to release, awake and responsive at the Hospital, having a 98% survival rate score, not dying.
  • Further, Mrs. Mendez having Carbon particles on her left hand, which is impossible according to her testimony as she stated she was shot at a distance.
  • Also, the Crime Scene photos themselves prove, it to be night time outside, when the photos were claimed to have been taken at a time when there was daylight outside.
  • The Crime Scene Photos, themselves, further proved, items were changed and missing from one photo to another. You will be amazed at what you will see.

The above documents, and the crime scene photos, clearly proved, the testimonies, crime scene photos, the two bullets, floral box with the red ribbon, and the floral delivery note which was claimed to have been written by Dominic M. Franza, as reflected in the crime scene photos were all complete fabrications. The crime scene scenario being recreated / redone.

It should be noted, during deliberations, the jury’s sole request for a read-back of testimony, requested the testimony of the document examiner’s conclusion, connecting Dominic M. Franza to the floral delivery note. Thereafter convicting him. Prosecutorial Misconduct at its best.

With respect to the Puerto Rico pipe bomb incident, Mrs. Franza stated she gave Dominic M. Franza her Grandmother’s address and phone number. The package, containing the pipe bomb, was claimed to have gone to her Grandmother’s address. Once again, the same document examiner mentioned before claimed Dominic M. Franza’ s handwriting matched the handwriting on the documents in connection with the shipment. Thus, connecting Dominic M. Franza to the shipment. However, the Federal Express Package Tracking Inquiry proved the package had an “incorrect recipient address.” As well, Federal investigation documents prove Dominic M. Franza was not the one who wrote on the Federal Express Airways Bill, it being someone else. In fact, the description given by the Federal Express Clerk who accepted the package fitting one of the shooter’s. Once again, Prosecutorial Misconduct.

It should be noted, this document examiner, throughout trial, constantly claimed Dominic M. Franza was connected to other items, when his conclusions were bogus as shown. This document examiner is a Detective, surprised.

No prosecutor should engage in Prosecutorial Misconduct. Every Citizen is entitled to a fair trial, free from false evidence and false testimonies.

Ask yourselves, are these the kinds of public officials you want serving you, being paid with your tax dollars, of course not. This is why Gov. Cuomo said on T.V. he is tired of people being falsely incarcerated due to Prosecutorial Misconduct and costing the State Billions of dollars in law suits, as a result causing him to sign into law, effective January 1st of 2019, Judiciary Law §499-a to j establishing the Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct. Clearly, Gov. Cuomo signed into law this bold measure, as Gov. Cuomo put it, “to root out potential abuses of power to ensure that our justice system is just for all New Yorkers.” Thus, ridding the system of these kinds of prosecutors, saving you Billions. So now it is your civic duty to join suit, you can start by helping Dominic M. Franza. Support Gov. Cuomo’ s bold measure by E-Mailing your “Elected Public Officials” asking for more to be done against corrupt prosecutors who destroy lives,. If you think it can’t happen to you dream on, you need to watch the news as to what’s going on:

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