The Shame Of New York County Prosecuting Attorneys John Brancato and Gregory Sheindlin (T.V. Judge Judy’s Son) As They Knowingly And Intentionally Gained Mr. Franza’s Conviction On False Evidence And False Testimonies Fully Knowing It Was Two N.Y.P.D. Detectives Who Committed The Crimes As Their Very Own Documents Prove

Provided for your viewing, which must be immediately spread on Social Media now, exposing this massive corruption is Mr. Franza’s 41 Page Application, served by process service, upon the Governor of the State of New York, with all the Exhibits in Support, proving beyond all doubt it was two Detectives who committed the crimes, for which Mr. Franza stands convicted of.

Look at the Polygraph Examinations as well.

Provided for your viewing, as well, are Various Letters written
by N.Y. County Assistant District Attorneys opposing any release of Mr. Franza on parole (redactions made by correctional staff). After you have read the 41 Page Application, and looked at the exhibits in support, you will be angry and disgusted at what the various N.Y. County Assistant District Attorneys wrote. All of them lying about Mr. Franza’s conduct, covering up the fact it was two Detectives that committed the crimes, not a floral delivery man as claimed.

As for these two rogue Detectives they must be found and brought to Justice, as they have tarnished the N.Y.P.D., bad apples, a danger to the Public, an interest N.Y. County Assistant District Attorneys John Brancato and Gregory Sheindlin did not care about as they allowed corrupt law enforcement officials to close the case right after Mr. Franza’ s arrest, in essence joining these corrupt law enforcement officials in order to conceal the fact two Detectives committed the crimes, pure collusion. In sum, this Public danger was left in place free to roam about to commit further crimes. Wonderful.

This type of misconduct must stop, as everyone is Constitutionally entitled to a fair trial, free from false evidence and false testimonies, which Mr. Franza did not receive. No lawyer thereafter wanting to get involved due to the corruption, and the Courts failing to reverse Mr. Franza’s conviction having the evidence herein before them.

It is your Civic Duty to protect Public safety, and to help Mr. Franza unless you believe its okay to imprison people for crimes they did not commit. We ask you to please E-Mail your letters of support to We don’t want your money just support.

If you want to communicate with Mr. Franza via e-mail, you have to go to to register, Dominic M. Franza, 92A3659. Note, you will be required to buy stamps in order to e-mail at a cost of $0.33 per e-mail. Please provide Mr. Franza with a Reply stamp for immediate response.

Under the circumstances, it is asked of you to please sign the Petition demanding the immediate release of Mr. Franza, as your support is clearly needed. His incarceration since 1991, at the age of 33, must stop.

Now go ahead and see the evidence that proves two Detectives committed the crimes for which Mr. Franza is paying for. Spread the information right now.